Local Derby Indie/Punk band Captives release their debut single ‘Riff Song’

Any musician will know that making an impression on the local music scene is easier said than done, especially when lacking professional backing from a label.

With much time and effort invested into making real, honest music, many bands will break under the pressures of endless self promotion and gigging.

And that’s where Captives come in to it.

Originally known as The Outakes, Captives have fought their way through the local Derby and Nottingham music scenes and have built up a fan base that, although may seem minor to some, have backed them loyally since their first gig debut at The Maze in Nottingham.

They’ve persevered – battled through the competition of other, similarly struggling bands to find themselves headlining many shows around the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire areas. And now, they’ve independently released their debut single ‘Riff Song’.

Although they have recorded a handful of demos in the past, they hope to acquire more attention now they have a professionally recorded single, courtesy of DCH Studios, based in Beeston, Nottingham.

And it shouldn’t be ignored, like so any other local bands are. The general consensus within the area used to be that it was only metal bands who were noticed on the scene. But I think we can all agree that with the uprising of local indie hero Jake Bugg, things are changing.

Well established as a band, Captives are tight as a unit and perform that way too. And this is in spite of their long and unavoidable breaks, due to half of the band attending University on opposite ends of the country. They seem to have found themselves comfortable.

Captives are a self-proclaimed indie/punk hybrid. Their debut song, entitled simply ‘Riff Song’ has power, passion and more attitude than you’d find from many other local bands. Sure, it’s not perfect. But in the true spirit of punk, Captives seem to care very little for being 100% polished. What matters is the music.

‘Riff Song’ seems to reflect largely upon teen angst and discomfort in society. Whilst not the most uncommon subject matter, it has the potential to be a widely appreciated song, striking deep in the hearts of the ambitious, the frustrated and those who appreciate the passion and vigor of a small time local band, eager to break through to the masses.

The band are very openly laid back and have the attitude of four teenagers having fun. If this isn’t clear from their on stage presence, it’s certainly apparentfrom their Facebook page. Their band interests consist of one thing, and one thing only – sodomy – and they promote themselves as available to play to gay bars and prisons across the country.

‘Riff Song’ reflects this care free attitude, and you can tell that the origins of this song came from four mates, having a laugh and pissing around in someone’s bedroom or garage, waiting for some magic to happen.

It’s not forced, it’s not predictable and again, it’s certainly not perfect. Claiming influence from the likes of The Libertines and The Clash, this is certainly something that they’re proud to be. But ‘Riff Song’ has an energy that has very obviously come from some moment of clarity. They click as a band, and this no doubt makes the song writing process easy.

So if you’re looking for the next big thing in indie and punk, you should keep an eye out for these 19 year olds. They should be going places, and if you like what you hear, like them on facebook, listen to their songs. It might be the best thing you do all day.


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