Blink-182 Post a Series of Self-Titled Album Images Hinting at Upcoming Announcement

Over the past few days, Blink-182 have been posting a series of images via their facebook and twitter accounts relating to their Self-Titled album, released in late 2003.

The images have all been of the same ilk – the distinctive green and pink background of the Self-Titled album, with titles and lyrics of tracks from said album. The most interesting pf the bunch has been the image holding the words “get ready for action!” from the song ‘Feeling This’.

Not only this, but the band’s official street team have confirmed that a big announcement is coming from the boys themselves.

I for one am intrigued, and have spent the past couple of days becoming curiouser and curiouser, speculating over what this could all mean.

What we can deduce from this is that the announcement is real and it’s coming soon. That much is clear. We can also assume that it is directly linked with the self-titled album and its tracks. It’s obvious (har har).

So realistically, what could it mean? Well the first thing I’ve noticed is that it’s getting eerily close to the album’s 10th birthday. It’s just over 4 weeks away. Could it be a 10th anniversary celebration?

I think the most likely outcome is that the album will be given a 10 year anniversary re-release as a special edition, anniversary edition or something of that nature. While it could be seen as a shameless way to cash in on the album 10 years after it first came out, I think depending on what exactly is added into the album it could actually be a nice little collectors’ item.

Alternatively, (and this is what I’m hoping for) we could be looking at a 10th anniversary tour of the album. A tour where the boys play the album in its entirety (plus other tracks, just to fill time). This would be exciting not only because it means another tour, and not only because we’d hear what is arguably the band’s best album live all the way through, but mainly because some of the tracks on the Self-Titled have never been played live before.

I think the latter to be less likely. Not only is the anniversary only 4 weeks away, meaning it would be long gone by the time they got round to touring, but also because I just don’t see a tour on the horizon for many reasons. The main one being the fact that they have only just finished touring on the ‘Neighborhoods’ cycle. Also, they’re due to start recording the latest album soon, meaning no time for tours, more time for recording. A positive if you ask me.

I am awaiting the announcement eagerly, but am not holding out hope for anything too spectacular. My money is on a re-release but only time will tell.


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